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Life is about framing and focus

As I peered out of the kitchen window this morning, I was thinking about all that I have coming up in the day, all that is going on in my world and in the world of those around me. As I did so, my eye was caught by this beautiful opening bud, a thing of […]

Fearless working is such a powerful thing.

This week I had the privilege of meeting Charlotte Johnson, I first came across her over dinner at one of my favourite networking events. There was something about her approach to work which intrigued me and I wanted to know more. If you are anything like me you will keep coming across the many quotes […]


Who can we send to that conference?

Does the prospect of the next industry conference send shivers down the spines of members of your company? Would you rather be focussed on what you do best and wait for someone else to attend on your behalf? Do you have to be elsewhere but can’t afford NOT to be at that must be conference […]

Your presence at conferences or exhibitions

While it’s always going to be impossible for you to be in more than one place, there is now another way to ensure your brand is around your audience at those key conferences or exhibitions. There are various options available, to augment the service, whether you want your twitter account to be used to live […]

Choosing a domain name is important

Choosing a domain name for the business was always going to be a simple thing, or so I thought… When I found that www.jaybrandambassador.co.uk was available that was an obvious choice – it says what it does on the tin, and yet it was a bit long… Thankfully I am blessed with some wonderful contacts […]