• Struggling to attend yet another event?
  • Would you like someone expert to do the networking for you?
  • Do you need some more networking resources and support?
  • Need some more leads but not sure how to build them?
  • Need to grow your business but do not have enough hours in the day?

You recognise the power of networking and want to make a bigger difference to your business.  Business networking is much more than a full English breakfast at the crack of dawn (or even before that in some cases).  Networking isn’t for everyone, and maybe you want to experience the benefits of having more brand recognition without attending the events?  With the Networing Ambassador , by expertly building strong relationships for your business without your needing to attend the meetings or events in person, you can save valuable time and focus on growing your business.

Over many years, Jay has come to be recognised as a passionate networker, very keen to learn about other people’s businesses and make friends. All of this results in unlocking some amazing opportunities for the variety of businesses he has worked for. They would not have been able to achieve this alone, and the value in business growth is immeasurable.

The Networking Ambassador  works with you to understand where you ideal contacts – whether they are clients or referral partners – hang out and then spends time there building the relationships on your behalf, as a member of your team. This includes the key aspects of follow up conversations and 1-2-1 coffee meetings.

By understanding firstly what makes you unique, and then who your audience is, alongside what you would like to achieve, a plan can then be put in place by the Networking Ambassador to increase your networking reach and build strong valuable relationships. Our services page may provide some options straight from there, or perhaps you would like a plan tailored exactly to what you need?  Give Jay a call on 07967 681989 to discuss how we can make this work quickly and efficiently for you.