7 ways of making the most of your interactions – Touch points are too valuable to waste


If you are anything like me – you use a multitude of different social media channels and like to connect with people on more than one.

It occurred to me recently how often we choose to make all the connections at the same time, clearly this is good use of our time? or is it…
When we think about building relationships sometimes it is more important to have a series of good reasons to speak to people – to connect or engage in conversation.
So here is a few ideas of how to make the most of starting new relationships with your business contacts.

Connect on Social networks separately
So if you are wanting to connect to people on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc maybe think about doing this over a period of time? Each time making sure it’s more than just a connection request but a valuable piece of interaction.
Keep finding opportunities to touch, by putting reminders in your diary or even better by utilising your CRM to help you, you can ensure that all of your most important business relationships are being maintained and that you ensure when your network is ready to utilise you and your product or service, the fact you have been making the effort puts you in the forefront of their minds.
Share something particular on your blog
Are there things on your blog which might be of use to them – perhaps a personalised note saying I was thinking about you and wondered if this would be of use? Demonstrating that you care and are taking a little time to give them useful information particular to them
Comment on their social content
How much do you value people who comment on what you write? It’s fair to assume that other people appreciate it when you do it as well. So make a plan to keep an eye out for what they write.
Multi Task
If they are also people that network, then invite them to an event you are already going to, think about people in your network that would be a good connection for them, by spending a few moments consciously thinking about who they would benefit from speaking to you can make an amazing difference to your business relationship.
Pick up the phone
I know, it can be a scary thing to think about however there is something so powerful about speaking to people voice to voice.
Plan it – Prioritise it – make it happen
I admit it – this is a big one for me, I much prefer being spontaneous and usually am poor at the planning process, however the reality is that life is now so busy and what you don’t
You don’t have to do it all
It’s worth saying at this point that you don’t have to do this with every single business card you pick up. However I still would remind you that your best client is always just a connection or two away. If we make an assumption that someone is not going to want to work with us, we are likely to be making an ass out of me and you. So by all means segment the people you meet and for those where there is a live opportunity use a complete process whereas those you are not needing to engage so closely – have a different process for them which is not so all encompassing

I hope that has given you some food for thought – if there are other ways you regularly interact with your new contacts, and which I have missed please do comment below. I am always keen to add to my knowledge

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