Life happens, it is how we react to it that makes the difference

You are sat in a lovely hotel, an hour away from home and your mobile phone buzzes. I’m so sorry I need to reschedule our meeting. You made it on time, ordered a coffee, checked your notes and you are all ready for the meeting. You now have a choice my friend. Choose well…

It would be easy to get upset however there is nothing good which will come of that. Instead, see it as an opportunity. To use the experience to create some content, plan how to use the time before the next appointment.

Is there a contact who is based close to your next meeting that you could call to see if an impromptu lunch would be in order. Have you re-confirmed your next meeting to make sure that it is only one meeting which will be missed today?

The reality is that things do happen, delays occur and once in a blue moon you may find it is you that is the one who is having to apologise for re-arranging a meeting.

Technology can help, putting travel time into your diary will give you that buffer to make sure you are less likely to miss meetings. Having content that you want to get written and reading you wish to catch up on, a list of correspondence you want to complete all ensures that when an opportunity arises you can make the most of it.

How did you last handle an unexpected opportunity, to choose whether you let it upset you and get under your skin or to enable you to make the most of that time.

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