Why networking is so much more than a 2 hour meeting

I am sure you have already come to realise that networking is much like an iceberg.  Seen from above the water it is often misunderstood.

Choosing the right networking event for your business sector will always increase the chance of potential clients being in the room.  I am often quoted as saying that I am just as interested in who everyone in the room will be having dinner with tomorrow night as I am with those actually present in the room.

The value of networking is almost always to be found outside the event itself.  It is to be found in the follow-up, often in the form of follow up meetings and phone calls.  Relationships are key, and can only be built up over time.

The networking meeting itself is purely the visable, above the water, section of the iceberg, the real work begins after the event and it is for this reason that our networking services all include follow up as part of the package.

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