Let’s stop the printer being the only one to benefit from networking

As you read this, if your sat at your desk, my guess is that somewhere not too far away is a pile of business cards, we all have them. Yep those cards you picked up in the last few days at networking events.

Yet what will you do with them? You see if the answer is nothing then frankly the only person to have benefited from the networking that is happening is a series of printers, all of whom are thrilled to be supplying the business cards which you have in your pile.

By putting into place a process for following up, you can ensure that you are making the most of your networking. Are you confident that you are not missing opportunities which might not at first glance seam to be obvious. By keeping in touch with your wider network you keep the channels of communication open and by doing so have a much better chance of success with your networking.

SalesRadar.io gives you the option of creating a series of communities, each of which you can choose how you keep in touch with them. So it may be that your warmest prospects on a more regular basis than someone you met and exchanged cards with but are not sure how you will be able to help. Don’t miss out on opportunities.

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