Who can we send to that conference?


Does the prospect of the next industry conference send shivers down the spines of members of your company?

Would you rather be focussed on what you do best and wait for someone else to attend on your behalf?

Do you have to be elsewhere but can’t afford NOT to be at that must be conference or exhibition?

This is just one of the reasons our clients choose to use the jay brand ambassador service.  By understanding your message and attending the event on your behalf, it ensures you don’t miss the opportunities to be uncovered and enables relationships to be started or grown in breadth and depth.

Like all of jay brand ambassador services, as standard, they include an amount of follow up and opportunities to complete 1-2-1 meetings to follow up the conference.

Additional options include Tweeting the main points from the conference floor or providing a detailed mindmap of the key messages from the conference.

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