Life is about framing and focus

As I peered out of the kitchen window this morning, I was thinking about all that I have coming up in the day, all that is going on in my world and in the world of those around me. As I did so, my eye was caught by this beautiful opening bud, a thing of beauty, filled with the most delicious scent….

And so I went to take a photograph of it, as I did so I realised that I could choose the background, the broken chair that I need to take to the tip, and the brick wall was not the look I wanted, so I moved where I was standing to improve the shot…

Having taken the photograph It occurred to me that within the image there was a flower that had completed it’s life and was now left as a petal-less bud. Yet it helped me to remember that even with that “in frame” I had chosen to focus on the beautiful, on the possible and the fragrant.

So it is with life, we have a choice, day by day, moment by precious moment to choose what we will see… What we will bring into sharp focus and what we will allow to blur out to the edges. Not that we are saying those things do not exist, just that they are not where our focus and our best live. You see it is when we know where we are at our best, when we allow ourselves the pleasure and joy of performing in at our best and in ways that suit us best that we will have the greatest impact on those around us and on the world at large.

By having a safe space that you can explore and uncover what those things are, you can learn what you want to focus on, see those things which are your true gifting and utilise those gifts to transform the world, your world, and yourself. If you think we should talk, I am only a phone call away.

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